About my kick ass banner and my sad ass blog

I just linked to my blog off a sewing forum, and on the off chance that a stranger comes to visit, I offer the following:

I am extremely proud of my banner. I took that picture. It is a Catalpa. I made the banner with the photoshop that used to be on my hard drive. The hard drive on my PC and the one in my laptop died within a month of each other and I lost many things. But not this banner.

I have been a teacher for the last year and a half. I did not have last summer off. I taught. The sporadic nature of my posts is a testament to the hell that is novice teaching. I shouldn’t even be apologizing for the sporadic posts. I should be commended. Go me.

So that’s the DL.

What I learned so far on vacation

  • I drink a lot more coffee than I thought. Like a lot more. I am trying to make due with diet coke, but it is not the same.
  • If left to my own devices, I can exhibit some pretty bad taste. I am currently working on a sweater called “radioactive cathode” Is it flattering? No. But I have this horrific gravity towards clothes that are hilarious. That is why I think my wardrobe is so freaking dull. I am trying to squish down the hee-hee factor. This is what happens when I fail. I should have it mostly done by the end of the day. Pics later. You may want to wear shades.
  • So far today I have watched Vanity Fair – totally not like the book at all, started my super sweater, read half of “Pastel” by Georgette Heyer. And ate a quorn patty. Mmmmmm….micoprotein.


    My big thing today was working on the new Singer Quantum 9920. I am a little intimidated by it, but so far it’s been smooth sailing. I am starting with a good beginner pattern. It’s a super fitted Byron Lars shirt that has darts and a giant floppy collar and like 8 billion little pieces that make up the back that are all topstitched. Good beginner stuff. It may come out god-awful, but I am getting whipped back into shape. BTW…that ravel-y fabric? Linen. Good beginner choice.
    crap stitching

    I am out of practice, but it comes back so fast. I was born to do this stuff. In an alternate universe I just won project runway. I may not have mad skills, but at least I know where boobs go. (Santino, you fraud!)

    In this universe I have to finish cleaning out the luggage I took to Chicago. In January. Exploding daquiri shampoo. Then I have to finish laundry. And taking out the trash.


    Accomplishment One

    After like an hour and a half, darling husband went to work.

    Since then I have read Persepolis and had half a pot of coffee.

    Life is good.

    Return of The Relapsing Remitting Blogger!

    Heck Yeah it’s Spring Break!

    This time I am not a rudderless ship. I am ready to GO! I want Darling Husband OUT! But he is getting a slow start this morning. We did nothing to the pied a terre all weekend, so first step is to clean up everything. As soon as he leaves. Which could be a while. I think he is jealous that I get to stay home. Don’t be jealous Darling Husband – today I am just going to wash your stinky socks and clean up the overcooked pasta you left in a pan all night and make you dinner. This is a win-win situation. So hurry up and go to work.

    I have not had more than 45 minutes to myself since January 17th. This is going to be awesome. I will keep you posted.

    Greetings from the windy city

    There are some things here that I do not like. I am staying in a neighborhood full of Trixies and Chads and they are lame and they seem to think I am homeless because I wear a backpack. They look away when I walk down the street. Like they are afraid I will bite or ask for forty-five cents.

    The other thing I don’t especially care for is the standing around all the time. I think they should install people movers in all the museums. They should have a fast lane and an express lane. That way a huge family from India can’t totally dominate every case in the Pompeii exhibit and make me think xenophobia is appropriate at the museum because I have been slighted by TWO alien cultures in big ol’ museums. (A French couple freaked me out at the Van Gogh museum. I am very sensitive when I feel transcendentally converted to spirit.)

    The other bad thing about this vacation is that unlike NY and Amsterdam, Chicago and the midwest seem to have turned off the brain a bit.

    Chronic stupidness, irritation and sketchiness aside, I am thinking this vacation will be pretty good. I went to the Field and saw some stuffed animals. Thinking taxidermy rocks. Today I had a pizza with mashed potatoes on it. Excellent. Had some real deli food today. Eat a green one, Marc Katz.

    Tomorrow’s spreadsheet indicates a jaunt to the Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planatarium. I am stacking up the attractions so we get all the good stuff at the end of the trip. I am crafty like that. Speaking of crafty – got an i-cord thingie and a knitting bag. I kick butt. Then I will go have dinner with Teena Teena. Very excited about that.

    More posts soon. The Darling Husband is all like “blah blah blah pics.” You should be abel to see them soon. I am super cute right now.

    The Filth

    Well, it wasn’t such a hot weekend. Who knew that being socialable is not like riding a bike…you can forget how to do it. Two people, two nights in row, at two separate events, told me I was frumpy. Well, check out how how I have been living this semester…
    the monolith is really a disassembled couch

    The monolith is actually a couch. And I am really upset because I NEED that dustpan, but I think I may have thrown it away yesterday.

    And here is my inbox:


    And here is the boat that lives in my livingroom:

    The Filth and The Fury

    I know why I have been sick for weeks. Not because I smoke. Turns out that smoke breaks outside are when I get my clean air. My home, the pied a terre, is filthy. And I am cleaning it. I am the fury. Pics later.