What I learned so far on vacation

  • I drink a lot more coffee than I thought. Like a lot more. I am trying to make due with diet coke, but it is not the same.
  • If left to my own devices, I can exhibit some pretty bad taste. I am currently working on a sweater called “radioactive cathode” Is it flattering? No. But I have this horrific gravity towards clothes that are hilarious. That is why I think my wardrobe is so freaking dull. I am trying to squish down the hee-hee factor. This is what happens when I fail. I should have it mostly done by the end of the day. Pics later. You may want to wear shades.
  • So far today I have watched Vanity Fair – totally not like the book at all, started my super sweater, read half of “Pastel” by Georgette Heyer. And ate a quorn patty. Mmmmmm….micoprotein.

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