A couple boring shirts, poorly photographed? That’s not much to keep people coming back to. I have been working on the house like mad. I will try to get picks of it all up today. And the other things I have sewn. And I will talk about the big time drama that kicked my machine in the tush. Blerg.

I am a feminist, and I believe PMS sucks.

I have no trouble at all owning up to PMS. It sucks. I have it. I also think men (and women) who are all “what if hillary were prez and she had to decide if she should use the red button while it was her time” are morons.

I think women are actually lucky on this front. My husband and most men I know have as many “moody” days as I do, but they arrive unpredictably and linger for unspecified amounts of time. I have the advantage of knowing what’s coming so I can get extra sleep and eat right and all that stuff. And I know that when I am uber pissed that my husband will not get up and bring me my coffee in bed, I am just being irrational because of highly fluctuating estrogen levels. So I zip it and get my coffee and in 3 minutes I have forgotten it. Men, not being so easily able to determine the source of their irrational behavior, often just give into the grumps. Poor men.

Granted, I did not have to work so I kind let this round go…Last night I went out and had some wine. Which I am not used to because of the diet. Then I came home and fried a Kielbasa. Eh. I got up today, did yardwork and passed out. So no silk, nada trabajo. I am on the couch watching crappy tv. Then going out for Mexican.

Because I can.

“The Wire” plus “Sewing With Nancy” + “Watching Paint Dry” = me

I feel like I should have more to post, but the going is slow. I remember that a while back Erica B made a post about where she finds time to sew. Her answer: I make time because I love it (more or less). I found that relieving because when I hold myself next to some women of the blogosphere I feel a bit shabby. But sewing is not my grand passion – that would be teaching. Thanks to Erica’s simple comment, I realized I am not as proficient or as prolific as I would like to be because that’s not really what I want. At least while I am teaching.

Now, however is a different story. Unfortunately, this is the condition I left my sewing room in:

blue blob

That gorgeous blue blob is the most beautiful floral silk you have ever seen, and it’s all cut out to be vogue 8229 with sleeves as a top instead of a dress. I started last summer after the wedding dress to wear to the wedding in question, but then school started and I did not even look in this room for 8 months.

So, I’m on it, but I love this fabric so much I am kind of spazzing. So I go slow. And I curse.

I curse unceasingly in a long blue streak. It’s my thing, much to the disappointment of my parents. I think they thought I would grow out of it, but here I am in the mid thirties and it seems to have settled. And I intend to be a scandalous old lady. Right now I don’t curse much outside the house, but as the years pile on the filter is going to chip away. Being old is going to be awesome.

This shirt will be lovely, but I am doing a tiny bit at a time.

Not cursing here, but I want to.

Dear Professional Mentor,

I write here because I cannot let you know that instead of coming home and cutting out and sewing the foundation for the wedding dress I promised to make you, I played solitaire and fell asleep with my puppies.
I could not help it. I are a large lunch, my internet went down and the puppies were so very very sleepy. And I am scared.
I have sewn for myself, but I have never sewn for anyone else. Sewing for others is really stressful. You, however, are exceptional. You are my mentor. Everything that I do as a teacher that is good is inspired by you, so sewing for you is a joy and a pleasure. I think I can kick this dress’ ass and give you exactly what you deserve. I can do this, but sometimes I sputter at the very beginning, and at the very end.
So this private letter is going into my blog that no one reads right now and that you could never find. I am scared. I wish I could tell you, but you are the bride.
Off I go!

-Scared Mentee

Snake Bit

Today I ate everything.

My sewing machine died.

They moved the goodwill i took a ton of stuff to.

They were out of stock on the weedwacker I tried to replace.

A cloud of angry insects swarmed when we tried to take a picture of a skirt I made.

I unplugged the computer with my toes. Accidentally.


I figure if I was destoying everything I touch I should do some demo. Then I realized I was chiseling away at asbestos tile.

Daily Mah Jong: 192/920

Finally some stuff…


Total calories so far: 330+250=580+1040+300=1920ish

Daily Mah Jong rank: 60/617

Today ended up being pretty lame. I almost burned up dinner twice, my machine snarled a couple times on button holes.

No pics.

A bad day.