Return of The Relapsing Remitting Blogger!

Heck Yeah it’s Spring Break!

This time I am not a rudderless ship. I am ready to GO! I want Darling Husband OUT! But he is getting a slow start this morning. We did nothing to the pied a terre all weekend, so first step is to clean up everything. As soon as he leaves. Which could be a while. I think he is jealous that I get to stay home. Don’t be jealous Darling Husband – today I am just going to wash your stinky socks and clean up the overcooked pasta you left in a pan all night and make you dinner. This is a win-win situation. So hurry up and go to work.

I have not had more than 45 minutes to myself since January 17th. This is going to be awesome. I will keep you posted.

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