Review – Sort of – Joann

I was going to write this bitterly nasty review of Joann and my search for natural fibers today, but I am not really feeling bitterly nasty. I guess I am a little out of sorts since I started the exercise/reduced eating thing.

All I wanted was an emerald green linen, but there were none to be had. What I really want is the glory days of my mom’s Hancock Fabrics in San Antonio. The way I remember, the fabric was all displayed on those round cascading thingies and every table was a single kind of fabric in an array of solids. There was a magic quarter of the store that was all wedding fabric. I was not allowed to set foot in that part of the store. In my recollection, all the fabric was wonderful natural fibers in gorgeous colors, but it was the 70s, so I am probably engaged in revisionist history. Whatever. That’s what I want. And I want all the fabric to be 3 yards for a nickel.

Anyway, I was in Joann all pissed and storming past the giant isle of silky prints and the giant isle of team fleece and the giant isle of flannel, when it occurred to me that I could just dye my own linen. So I picked out a midweight linen and a packet of dye. The good dye. Not RIT. I am bummed because the fabric probably won’t end up with the sheen I was looking for, but I got the color I wanted, and there’s always spray starch. I am on this kick where I am obsessed with the colors that were in a crayola 8 pack. Bright green, bright blue, yellow, orange. Yummy.

Sorry to any readers. No pics makes a boring post. This is mostly for me anyway.

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