Adele P. Margolis – My Hero

The first thing Margolis tells you in How to Make Clothes that Fit and Flatter is that it is a heck of a lot easier to make something look good if you’re not all bulgy in odd places. She recommends that before you sink a boatload of time into tailoring you should skip a few cocktails and put the pork chops down. Her last words on the subject: if returning to the super-hotty physique of yore seems impossible, at least “try for ten.”

Heck yeah! Off to the gym.


See, it’s good for you to be slender. She is 97 in this pic. Me-oW!

Dear Professional Mentor,

I write here because I cannot let you know that instead of coming home and cutting out and sewing the foundation for the wedding dress I promised to make you, I played solitaire and fell asleep with my puppies.
I could not help it. I are a large lunch, my internet went down and the puppies were so very very sleepy. And I am scared.
I have sewn for myself, but I have never sewn for anyone else. Sewing for others is really stressful. You, however, are exceptional. You are my mentor. Everything that I do as a teacher that is good is inspired by you, so sewing for you is a joy and a pleasure. I think I can kick this dress’ ass and give you exactly what you deserve. I can do this, but sometimes I sputter at the very beginning, and at the very end.
So this private letter is going into my blog that no one reads right now and that you could never find. I am scared. I wish I could tell you, but you are the bride.
Off I go!

-Scared Mentee

Snake Bit

Today I ate everything.

My sewing machine died.

They moved the goodwill i took a ton of stuff to.

They were out of stock on the weedwacker I tried to replace.

A cloud of angry insects swarmed when we tried to take a picture of a skirt I made.

I unplugged the computer with my toes. Accidentally.


I figure if I was destoying everything I touch I should do some demo. Then I realized I was chiseling away at asbestos tile.

Daily Mah Jong: 192/920

Finally some stuff…


Total calories so far: 330+250=580+1040+300=1920ish

Daily Mah Jong rank: 60/617

Today ended up being pretty lame. I almost burned up dinner twice, my machine snarled a couple times on button holes.

No pics.

A bad day.

Ding Dong…

The year has ended. I am off for the summer. I am getting a new room next year and the old one is empty. My yearbook is signed. My finals are graded. The end.

I am only going to be attacking two projects for the first month of summer. If I tackle anything else, shame on me:

1. Untitled SWAP
2. Wedding dress for dear friend.

I am going to go sleep for three days…

About my kick ass banner and my sad ass blog

I just linked to my blog off a sewing forum, and on the off chance that a stranger comes to visit, I offer the following:

I am extremely proud of my banner. I took that picture. It is a Catalpa. I made the banner with the photoshop that used to be on my hard drive. The hard drive on my PC and the one in my laptop died within a month of each other and I lost many things. But not this banner.

I have been a teacher for the last year and a half. I did not have last summer off. I taught. The sporadic nature of my posts is a testament to the hell that is novice teaching. I shouldn’t even be apologizing for the sporadic posts. I should be commended. Go me.

So that’s the DL.