Stash management

Today, I borrowed a page from Hungry Zombie and set up a stash management spreadsheet. Not much on the sewing front. Started my second burda top and am struggling with unstable fabric and stripes. I need to get three reviews up and pics. After I hem. And put on buttons. So, I’ll have it up by…August.

“The Wire” plus “Sewing With Nancy” + “Watching Paint Dry” = me

I feel like I should have more to post, but the going is slow. I remember that a while back Erica B made a post about where she finds time to sew. Her answer: I make time because I love it (more or less). I found that relieving because when I hold myself next to some women of the blogosphere I feel a bit shabby. But sewing is not my grand passion – that would be teaching. Thanks to Erica’s simple comment, I realized I am not as proficient or as prolific as I would like to be because that’s not really what I want. At least while I am teaching.

Now, however is a different story. Unfortunately, this is the condition I left my sewing room in:

blue blob

That gorgeous blue blob is the most beautiful floral silk you have ever seen, and it’s all cut out to be vogue 8229 with sleeves as a top instead of a dress. I started last summer after the wedding dress to wear to the wedding in question, but then school started and I did not even look in this room for 8 months.

So, I’m on it, but I love this fabric so much I am kind of spazzing. So I go slow. And I curse.

I curse unceasingly in a long blue streak. It’s my thing, much to the disappointment of my parents. I think they thought I would grow out of it, but here I am in the mid thirties and it seems to have settled. And I intend to be a scandalous old lady. Right now I don’t curse much outside the house, but as the years pile on the filter is going to chip away. Being old is going to be awesome.

This shirt will be lovely, but I am doing a tiny bit at a time.

Not cursing here, but I want to.

Ding Dong…

The year has ended. I am off for the summer. I am getting a new room next year and the old one is empty. My yearbook is signed. My finals are graded. The end.

I am only going to be attacking two projects for the first month of summer. If I tackle anything else, shame on me:

1. Untitled SWAP
2. Wedding dress for dear friend.

I am going to go sleep for three days…

USOs, WIPs and UFOs

Sitting on This year’s winter cold. Told the doc I needed to feel better NOW, so I got a fat cortisone shot and less pain and more tired.
Since I am too fuzzy to work on anything, Here are lists of UnStarted Objects, Works In Progress and the unloved UnFinished Objects. NY resolution is that I only engage in stash reduction this year. So here is goes.

Black and blue floral shirt – V8196
Navy and Brown tencel dress – V8315
Brown tencel skirt – burda WOF I can’t out my hands on this second
Navy/Silver long sleeve – S4112
Black short sleeved jacket lined in blue – M5189
Self drafted knitting needle case
Green cashmere gloves – vogue knitting
Random Brown sweater vest
Colinette + Habu frilly scarf

Ripple scarf in blues, violets and browns (Colinette, Manos, random mohair)
Radioactive cathode
Grey R2 Sideways knit ls sweater
Mom’s kidsilk scarf (Ugh)

Scarey blue linen Byron Lars shirt

That doesn’t seem like much.