Knit like you did with the yarn from Habu…

Yesterday I finished my third ruffley scarf. I made the first one for my mother-in-law out of knitpicks yarns in red, and then another out of stash busting stuff. The stash buster came out too muddy for a blond, so Miss Belgium got it.

This one was all for me. It was made from Habu Gima in Oak and Colinette Giotto in Dusk. I had a blast punning off “the yarn from Habu” and “the lake on Nabu”, but the finished product was not as cool as I had hoped. It looks almost too ruffly and a little too “shabby chic” with the cabbage rose colors on the Giotto. It is starting to be a trend. I think I want girly, I make girly, I feel infantilized.

I’ll add pics of all three to this post at some point. I tried to take a picture of it on the dog, but she thought it was a leash, had a spazz attack and tried to put some giant snout shaped holes in the lacey part. Go dog go.

Unfortunately I think my only other WIPs for the weekend are a mock TAKS test and my online grading scheme.